Abodh 1984


A clean family film from the Rajshri camp, who have made a name for themselves by making films that can be viewed with whole family. Madhuri excels in her role as a young bride who is full of life alongside Bengali actor Tapas Paul who plays her bemused husband, she is also very good in her role as the supporting cast particularly the lady who plays the Grandmother.

Old Hindi Songs OF Movie Abodh 1984:
  1. Tujhe Dekhne Ko - Suresh Wadkar
  2. Ghani Ghani Amraiyo (part 1) - Hemlata
  3. Saamb Sada Shiv - Yesudas
  4. Mandir Ki Murat - Suresh Wadkar & Hemlata
  5. Ghir Ghir Aaye Megh - Hemlata
  6. Chandra Bhaal Shobhitam - Hemlata
  7. Ghani Ghani Amraiyo (part 2) - Hemlata
Click Play To Listen The Respective Songs:

01 – Chandra Bhaal Shobhitam     Play
02 – Ghani Ghani Amraiyo (part 1)Play
03 – Ghani Ghani Amraiyo (part 2)Play
04 – Ghir Ghir Aaye Megh            Play
05 – Mandir Ki Murat                  Play
06 – Saamb Sada Shiv                Play
07 – Tujhe Dekhne Ko                Play

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