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phil - "wow , my first visit , outstanding blog and ex music many many thanks"

rajesh - "Hai Dude.... Good Job...Atlast I reached the right place frm where I can get all good old collections. If u make one list of most popular Old Hindi Songs, then it will be much much good..."
Jyoti - "hi, thanks for sharing these fantastic songs. i love old hindi songs. but i dont know any web site where i can download without feeling any guilt. i'm so glad i found this blog. it has many of my favourite songs. best wishes"
Akhilesh - "Hi Uttam, a nice blog. keep it up!
Do you have the collection of kishor kumar's songs in kumarsanu's voice?
If you've happen to have it, I'll be more than happy if you'll post those on your blog."
Anonymous - "thanks for all these wonderful oldies! Request you to upload songs from the movie Mamta starring Suchitra Sen, Ashok Kumar and Dharmendra. Will be very grateful to you !"
Blue - "Nice Website ... i search Hanste Zakhm (1973) songs. only ur site can help me.. thanks you sir.."
joylynford - "Thanks, i really appreciated you site . i was in need of this movie song and this is of best quality."

mahesh - "thanks for giving a good site............."
PA - I came across at your blog and I find it very interesting. It was worth reading. Thanks for sharing this information. Keep it up!"


vikram said...

thanks bro u hav very good collection of songs,gr8 job keep going.......

Anonymous said...

Everything fine.

But its difficult to download the songs. Also the collections are not enough. The collection I have in my IPOD is more than yours and also the songs I have in my IPOD are all melodies and not a single song can be avoided either listen or make more albums.

But even though some of the songs are in your blog is very rare and nice but unable to download it easily. So give good solution for that.

Finally you need to add more and more in your collection make your blog one of the best.

The truth is I am from deep south India and have more songs than you have.

Just add more bcoz its infinity job.


Alakh said...

Thanks a lot Mr. Uttam. You did a wonderful job. I could not think that this type of website exists. This all could be possible by your efforts.
Alakh Niranjan

Chetan said...

Hi Buddy,

I like and respect your collection and hard work.

Hats off for you.


Kumar Gowda said...

Hi Uttam, Really great blog. Many of my loved songs are in the list. I am happy.. Thanks a lot :)

Kumar Gowda said...

Thanks a lot for the great collection. Most of my loved songs are in the list :). Great Job !!!

gopal said...

I am so happy to see this site. I do not know how many times i played the songs. Thank you so much for giving a such a wonderful site to us. God bless you, long live Indian Music, Indian Film Industry, Lataji, Ashaji, and the legends like Kishore Da, Burman Da, Mannadeji, and so on so fourth. God bless you again.