Ghatak 1996

Ghatak is one of Sunny Deol's best performances and best action movies ever! It is a true action drama to the core, and it is NOT just action. The songs are good and are mercifully few in number. The best thing with the movie is that no action scene will seems indigestible or impossible to you. Sunny has performed all the scenes is the best possible way and I think it is impossible to improve perfection.

Songs Index Of Ghatak:
  1. Aaj Purani Rahon Se - Mohammad Rafi
  2. Koi Jaye To Le Aaye
  3. Nigahon Ne Chheda
  4. Ek Dilki Diwani
  5. Aaki Naaki
  6. Badan Mein Chandni
  7. Theme Of Ghatak (instrumental)

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