Do Badan 1966

Do Badan was released in 1966, this movie explores the true meaning of love and separation. Rafi really outshines everybody with first two songs in this movie, namely "Bhari Duniya" and "Raha Gardishon". Lata is also excellent in "Lo Agayi Unki Yaad". Bottom line is that "Do Badan" is a real gem of the 60's.

Download Old Hindi Songs Of Do Badan:
  1. Bhari Duniya Main
  2. Lo Agayi Unki Yaad
  3. Mukhda Dekh Le Prani
  4. Naseeb Main Jis Ke
  5. Raha Gardishon Main

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Ramesh said...

lovely songs. thanks for uploading them.