Khamoshi 1969

Khamoshi is one of the greatest classical Hindi movie
, which revolves around Waheeda and her best performance ever. An exciting soundtrack from Hemant Kumar along with memorable songs such as "Tum pukar lo.." (Hemant Kumar & Kishore Kumar) & "Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi" make this film an enduring classic which stands the test of time.

Old Hindi Songs Index:
  1. Hamne Dekhi Hai
  2. Tum Pukar Lo Tumhara
  3. Woh Sham Kuchh Ajib
  4. Aaj Ki Raat Charagon
  5. Dost Kahan Koi Tumsa


kman said...

The song is there because of lyricist and music director. Please mention their names for every film. Thanks for taking pains to preserve the gems.

Anonymous said...

the best ever found site realy best.

Anonymous said...

thnx a million bro..