Salaami 1994

Salaami is a bollywood movie released in 1994. Ayub Khan as a Vijay is an honest young army cadet who falls in love with Sami the daughter of Mrs. Kapoor. Mrs Kapoor had been a victim of a broken love affair a promise given by a cadet of the I.M.A. which leaded to the separation of Vijay and Sami. Vijay finds himself battling the corrupt police department after he comes across evidence that could put Superintendent Gautam (played by Goga Kapoor) behind bars. Kabir Bedi, Beena, Latika Shukla, and Saeed Jaffary costar in Shahrukh Sultan's action-packed 1994 film.

Songs Index:
  1. Bas Ail Tamanna Hai
  2. Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho
  3. Dil Jab Se Toot Gaya – Male
  4. Dil Jab Se Toot Gaya – Female
  5. Jab Haal-e-Dil Tumse
  6. Mere Mehboob Ki Yehi Pehchan
  7. Mile Tumse Bichad Ke Hum
  8. Tumhein Chhade Hawa Chanchal
Mirror Location:
  1. Chera Kya Dekhte Ho
  2. Mere Mehboob Ki Yehi Pehchaan
  3. Tume Chhede Hawa Chanchal
  4. Dil Jab Se Toot Gaya
  5. Bas Ek Tamanna Hai
  6. Jab Hal-e-dil Tumse Kehne Ko
  7. Mile Tum Se Bichhad Kar Hum
  8. Dil Jab Se Toot Gaya
  9. Jab Haal-e-dil (sad)

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