Sadak 1991

Sadak is a 1991 Bollywood movie starring Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt in the leading roles. Sadak is a beautifully crafted movie which also made some controversies at the time it was made. Songs of this movie was musical hit of its time, music was given by Nadeem Shravan duo and released by T-series, songs like 'Tujhe Apna' and 'Rehne Ko' are remembered evevn today by many music lovers.

Songs Index:

  1. Hum Tere Bin Reh
  2. Jab Jab Pyar Pe
  3. Mohabbat Ki Hai
  4. Tak Dhin Dhin Tak
  5. Tumhein Apna Banane
  6. Zamane Ke Dekhe
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