Chhaliya 1960

Simple-minded young man who comes to the city and witnesses the harsh side of life; and falls in love with a young woman named Shanti, only to find out that she is married but separated from her husband, Kewal, and adopted son, Anwar. He puts all he can in an effort to locate Kewal and re-unite the family.

Chhalia" is Manmohan Desai's first film, with telltale signs of the emerging showman's narration skills.

Old Hindi Songs Archiv Index:
  1. Baje payal chunn chunn.mp3
  2. Chalia mera naam.mp3
  3. Dum dum diga diga.mp3
  4. Gali gali seeta roye.mp3
  5. Mere toote hue dil se.mp3
  6. Meri jaan kuch bhi.mp3
  7. Teri rahon mein khade.mp3
  8. Zindagi mein aap aaye.mp3

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