Prem Rog 1982


Prem Rog is a 1982 romantic Bollywood movie directed by Raj Kapoor. This classic bollywood film tells a passionate story of a man's love towards a woman who is a widow and of a higher status. This movie has very melodious songs which i like very much, so i thought to share these nice old bollywood songs from one of the great bollywood classic movie with you all. Download and enjoy.

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    Jyoti said...

    hi, thanks for sharing these fantastic songs. i love old hindi songs. but i dont know any web site where i can download without feeling any guilt. i'm so glad i found this blog. it has many of my favourite songs.

    best wishes

    neal said...

    thnks buddy
    gr8 job
    my dad n my uncle really likes this!
    hav a gud luk in ur career.
    u'l surely gt success!!
    god bless u

    Srikant Rai said...

    thnks for keeping such gr8 real bollywood songs

    Srikant Rai said...

    thnks for keeping such old songs collection which i lik most and which can be eaisly accessable.

    rimpy said...

    thnks , i am found of old songs, this site is good.